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Schools Skate for Fitness

Schools Skate for Fitness program offers DCPS & Public Charter School children FREE basic ice skating classes as a part of DCPS Department of Health, Physical Education & Athletics curriculum.

Why Ice Skating ?

  • Currently available November-February
  • Skating is a fun physical activity for children & adults
  • It will help improve coordination, balance and strengthen muscles
  • Experience a great cardiovascular workout and learn a life-long sport!
  • Students gain self-confidence and self-esteem while building healthier lifestyles!
  • Up to one class per visit (no more than 30 students) for grades 2-12
  • Easy Metro access at our temporary alternate outdoor location

What’s included ?

  • Safety orientation & Skate lacing session
  • 25 minute skating lesson w/professional skating instructor
  • 25 minute freeskate
  • Rental skates & gloves
Kids part of school skate for fitness

Classes not in session?  Don’t worry. We have a Summer Camps Skate for Fitness program as well.

Additional questions?  Email us at programming@fdia.org.