Positive Living Using Skating (PLUS) 

PLUS lets skaters explores the different branches of ice skating such as Figure Skating, Hockey, Speed Skating and Synchronized Skating. Ages 5-18. Skating level requirements vary by program.

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Instructor with Kids on Ice

Speedskating —

Speed Skater getting ready

Our speed skating program teaches skaters the fundamental elements to skating fast while conserving energy. From uniforms, to blades to maneuvers and positions, skaters will develop the necessary skills to become speed skaters.

Hockey —

Hockey players getting instructions

Our hockey program focuses on further developing skating skills while emphasizing on speed and agility. Skaters will get stick & puck experience as well as game play. All necessary equipment is provided.

Figure Skating —

Figure skater holding leg straight

Our figure skating program is one of our advanced skating programs emphasizing on edges, spins and jumps. Skaters will further develop their skating skills while learning to choreograph moves to music.

Synchronized Skating —

Synchronized Skating Participants on the ice

Our synchronized skating program builds on previous skating skills while teachers skaters how to skate cohesively with others. Skaters are tasked with learning the staple formations to synchronized skating such as the block, line and circle.